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How to Display when a Record is Continued on Another Page

I usually try to format my reports so that a record has a clearly delineated start and end (either a line below, or shading the group header.) However, it can still get confusing if a record is continued, especially if the record contains a lot of text. Here is a quick way to use a formula to add a “Continued on Next Page” blurb when a record is broken by a page break:

  1. Set up your report, grouping and formatting to fit your needs. In our example, we are grouping on Salesman.

  2. Create a new formula called Continued, evaluating the field you are grouping on. In our example, we grouped on the field Sheet1_.Salesman, so our formula would be

    If {Sheet1_.Salesman} = Next({Sheet1_.Salesman}) Then {Sheet1_.Salesman} & " continued on next page"
  3. Add this formula to the Page Footer of your report. If you want, add some formatting. I added a top border, and made the text italic.

  4. Preview your report to make sure it looks how you want.


Continued from Previous

You can also use this approach to make the next page say Continued from previous.

  1. Create a new formula called Previous, similar to the last one
    If {Sheet1_.Salesman} = Previous({Sheet1_.Salesman}) Then {Sheet1_.Salesman} & " continued from previous page"

  2. Place this in the page header.

    I found it was best to add a new Page Header Section. I then right-clicked on the Page Header section and selected Section Expert. On the dialog I selected Suppress Blank Section.

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