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Round Function


The Round function can be used to control how numbers are rounded in your reports. By default, numbers will be displayed according to the default formatting you have set up; however the number will not be changed unless you use the Round Function.

Syntax Variable Description
Round(x) x The numeric or currency field to be rounded.
Round(x,y) y The number of places to be rounded to.


Example Result
Round(1.234) 1
Round(1.234,2) 1.23
Round(1.49999) 1
Round(1.49999,2) 1.50
Round(1.5) 2
Round(54321.1234) 54321
Round(54321.1234,2) 54321.12
Round(54321.1234,-1) 54320
Round(54321.1234,-2) 54300

Using the Round Function to Round to the Tens Place

You can use the Round function to round to the tens (or hundreds) place if you want, by using a negative value.

For example, Round(54321.1234, -1) will round to the tens place, giving you 54320.

Forcing a Round Up

What if you want the value to round up if it has a decimal value, regardless of the amount? So 1.1, 1.5 and 1.9 would all become 2.

You have to resort to a formula in this case. Create a formula field that evaluates your value using this formula:

If {value}-truncate{value}<> 0 then truncate({value})+1 else {value}

What this say, is if the value has any decimal points, use the truncate function to remove the decimal and add 1 (round it up). If there is no decimal, keep the value.

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