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MonthName Function


The MonthName function can be used to display the name of the month, when you provide a number between 1 and 12 (1 being January). It is useful for showing the month name in Group titles or labeling groups in charts.

It can be combined with the DatePart function to return the month name of a variable or calculation.


Syntax Variable Description
MonthName(month, abbr) Month A number from 1 to 12.
abbr Optional. A Boolean value. If true, the month name is abbreviated. The default is false.


Example Result
MonthName(5) “May”
MonthName(10) “October”
MonthName(10,True) “Oct”
MonthName(DatePart(“m”, CurrentDate)) “October” when the current date is 10/5/10.

Other ways of showing the Month Name

You can also use the ToText field to display the name of the month.

Examples (where CurrentDate=10/5/10)

Example Result
ToText(CurrentDate,’MMM’) “Oct”
ToText(CurrentDate,’MMM’) “October”
ToText(CurrentDate,’MMMM yyyy’) “October 2010″
ToText(CurrentDate,’MMMM, yyyy’) “October, 2010″

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